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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fan MuffinTop

This beauty was sent in by a Muffin Top Mayhem fan whose friend had a 'before and after' shot and I guess she wore the tightest pants possible to accentuate her 'joe the plumber' middle girth.

Lets hope she didn't choose to actually wear these pants before the weightloss program. This photo is pretty much what I would look like if I wore those jeans. Not a pretty sight I can assure you!

I only wear my tights and half top to the gym. Still cant figure out why people yell at me there.

Thanks for the fan submission!

-Mr. Muffintop.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Teen Muffins. I wish You werent my Parents! OMG!

Its been a while but I notice that I suddenly have people intersted in my muffintops. So here I am to feed your appetite for the cupcake of flesh. The Muffin Top.

Here we have the "Teen Muffin". The teen age muffin is particularly sad because they often blow into a full blown 'boil over' or what is called at age 30 the "I am forced to wear those stretchy clothes because im a size 16". This specimen also doesnt like to wear a bra it seems and she has a rude awaking coming when gravity starts to kick into gear on her upper lady parts.

We can see here the girl wearing this outfit doesn't realize that her Jamba Juice smoothie has more calories and fat than a whole cheesecake. Thus the muffin top. I could go on and on about how her pink skirt clashes with the mauve shirt. But i don't think the 32 year old security guard at her trailer park that she is probably banging cares about that. He likes her just the way she is. And that is sweet.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Denver Bronco Muffin Squad

To celebrate the NFL schedule coming out today I present an actual picture of a Denver Bronco cheerleader hopeful. Between ballet, yoga, dieting and Pilate's this Bronco fan must have gone to the cheerleader tryouts instead of the player tryouts. While being very typical in shape, form and health to your average Bronco Fan this young lassie didn't make the cut.

She does, however, get points for attempting to cover the poppin' stuff belly with her 'teal' bicycle pants. Sent in by Morgan in Pacific Beach....

(It is assumed she burned her bra in 1969 by the gravity induced seepage of the upper breasty area.)

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Had enough of the Bush administration tapping your phone calls, searching your home and records without a warrant and otherwise just being real constitutional poo-poo's? Take it to the streets with Anarchy style muffin top! Dont be arrested for civil disobedience this next election season without it!
-(Identity concealing hood, Cindy Sheehan and woman wearing men's Dockers not included)

Grandma in Denial

I am not sure this picture needs a caption. What is worse? Grandpa in his own bikini with his 'hairy muffin top' or grandma's bolt on boobs? Maybe the best part is how hot granpa thinks those frisbie implants he bought grandma look on her. See the smile? OH you cheeky silverback monkeys!
- Sent in from Vinny Stigliano in San Diego, CA

Large and IN-Charge Muffin-top Supersized!

My questions is this: Did the table cloth have a hole in the middle already or was it constructed in order to show off her amazing superfluous third breast? What? That isn't a titty? Its what? OH MY!........

Well, at least the cursive tattoo's "class up" the outfit. However, I would be worried about a possible lawsuit for restricted blood flow to her legs from the 'Sheena" straps she has dug into her rolls. Oh wait.. or is that left over spaghetti from last night?

Monday, April 9, 2007

Church Crack

This isnt technically muffin-top but weird enough to put there. The tattoo is from the reading that the brides maids ALWAYS read at weddings. I guess its more interesting for her mnate to look at while undergoing intercourse than a pixie or butterfly.

Oprah"s version of the MuffinTop

Oprah"s version of the MuffinTop
Is that a Man's ass? Less milkshakes..more of that dumb dancing game at the arcade!